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Editing an encrypted value

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I've been using GG for some time but I still consider myself a novice.

Please could somebody explain if its possible to edit an encrypted dword value to an exact amount.

I'll give an example of what I mean. In a game let's say I have 500 gems and the encrypted value shows -1,564,765,343. If I wanted to change my gems to 10,000 is that possible?

All I've ever been able to do is to change it to a random number and just see what it gives me.

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Probably it s xor encrypted value, you have to find the 'key', to calculate it

500 xor -1564765343 (or 1564765342)

You ll get -1564765643

Then to edit fisrt value with eg

10000 xor -15647656439 = -1564775643

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