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Need help with Gladiator heroes

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Hi, i need some help with hacking gladiator heroes.

I know how to hack, but I cant even log in to the game. I am using parallel space, have copied gg (yes its done correctly) and the game.

But when i try to start the game it wants to log in to google play and it gets stuck on screen saying "need to update google play" or something like that even if i have the newest version.

I cant turn wifi off the first time im launching game so i need some help please, I dont know how to repair it.

Thanks if someone respond.

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14 hours ago, Emarkx said:

Try virtual space.

Here is the link to the fix for virtual space.

I tried it, installed it in many ways, the fixes too, but I am not able to even turn the game on. Its just loading and it also slows down my phone.

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Please name the version you currently have installed.

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9 hours ago, Emarkx said:

Please name the version you currently have installed.

I am trying with that virtual you have send to me. OwO virtual and its version 1.2.5. I can clone the game but when i try to start it just say Opening GladiatorHeroes. But it does nothing.

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I had the same issue. My problem was being caused by Google Play Games from what I noticed. I went through various steps to solve it and honestly I'm not even sure what fixed it in the end. I would recommend uninstalling Google Play Games and reinstalling it. You can PM for more information if you want.

On another note, I tried to hack Gladiator Heroes using GG through PS but I could not get it to work.

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