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Help in Pointers plzzzzzzzzz

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Can u plz help me, I want to clear some things in pointers.

As i know that pointers r value which point towards a specific value in game but what if the value is encrypted.

I just want to know that how to find that encrypted value if we get that specific pointer of that value...?

As in a game zombie which is offline in which all values r in pointer so i tried to hack a specific value and also find a pointer of it but duno how to find that encrypted value of it.

Plz anyone @Enyby@NoFear 

Or anyone else plz help me


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@Emarkx Bro i do all the search and also i watched the all tutorials like upto 80% and will finish soon.

Mostly i learn a lot From tutorials and i Just have diffuclty in one thing that if i got pointer of a specific value so how to find the encrypted value of it..?

May be @NoFear know this but he's not active 😞

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