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Plz I really need help right now to continue editing of my script

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Thanks man it work

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    • By Lukasfer
      There is already a MOD (Damage) but It's not updated so if someone can cheat it and update it weekly please
      or learn how to do or update the MOD PLEASE 
    • By lwlo
      yesterday i was trying to test an script from a friend of the game duel links but everytimwe when try to link my account into the parallel cloned duel links it opens in the net the konami id login and when i put the page redirect to the original duel links instead to the cloned and for that i cant link my account into the cloned. rooting may be the way to go bcause i woul doesnt need to clone, pls someone help me
    • By Fallen_Stress
      Hi everyone I wanted to inform everyone who use or used Herogame Official Encryption,  Just Stop Using This one his encryption contains malicious code to steal people data he can get also total control on your device,    [ I used his encryption to encrypt my offline Script before I send it to my subscribers then people report my telegram chanel for malicious programs, I dont understand anything I haven't tried to steal people data.   I am programming lua and php since many month , but I never tried to steal people data, then after a lot of reports I decided to run this encrypted script the first thing I see this one requires now access to internet,  that moments I say what ? My script was offline why he requires now access to internet?   I just decided to decrypt it to see what kind of cod this encryption add to my script then I see this malicious program, please admin do something against that kind of people's like HeroGameOfficial , he is just trying to steal people data !!! Is not cool.        If you dont trust me just download his encryption tools and decrypt it then you will see what I am talking about 

    • By Gui-BR-_-Pro
      Well, I'm having problems with Game Guardian since when I bought my phone, it is a Galaxy Note 3 with Root, my problem is that when I try to use SpeedHack it simply restarts my device. Sometimes with you and most of the time the attempt is a failure. I was wondering what should I do to solve this problem Help me please
    • By Mohammad2687
      Hi everyone 👋
      I just want to ask if there's a script file to hack Manor Matters game! If there's not can I hack it manually?
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