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Plz I really need help right now to continue editing of my script

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    • By ManManEpic
      How do I search for a value such as 20F,3D:32 ? I saw it being used with another thing's search and was wondering what it meant and how to use it. Thanks if anyone can help!
    • By EatAlterWalter
      When I tick a feature on and press ok, it just skips the entire thing up until the toast, and then after the second try, it works, but I don't want to have to tap it 2 times just to activate it
    • By hsdbql
      There are five samples in the attachment.
      Among them, No.1-4 are specially processed luac files, which can be run in GameGuardian, but cannot be unluac normally.
      As for 0.lua, it cannot be used in the official version of gg, and it seems to require a special environment.
      Does anyone know how to decrypt these scripts?
      unluac_2021_06_10.jar.zip lua files.zip
    • By anonymous041
      Anyone Here Know How To Upload Script or File into server Using lua script
      Please Help If Anyone Know 
    • By PunyGod
      I am new to this so looking for some advice on if it is possible or what to look for.
      The game is brand new Marvel Future Revelation for android. I have been told that it has excellent security on it. After a mixture of LSPosed, XprivacyLua, sudosu and Tai Chi I managed to get GG to work without being detected. As practice I found gold, gems, HP potions, stamina, cool down,  but as expected they are all server side and reverted back. I
      Is there anything I could try that isn't server side.... or should I just give up 
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