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Good morning all. I write today because I really need help it's been more than two years that I use gameGuardian my phone is rooted. before I was content to download Scripts already made by people, but now I decided to create my Scripts myself I learned how to write Scripts lua I already mastered well. but i have a serious problem i don't know how to search for values like wall hack, aimbot, damage hack i really need help, could someone show me a method that works with multiple games to search what kind of values please and how to modify them. if you want you can help me by mail thestress1533@gmail.com thank you allthe lion king help GIF

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    • By Lilchicky
      So I've been trying to find out the differences between all of the search values like d word and f float and stuff like that's, like what's each difference like I can change values in games with sword but what exactly does that do to the games, how does it affect the search at all.
    • By Dilan1990
      How to stop function() in script?
    • By SherifPlayer
      Hi I Have A Problem if anyone Knows the solve of it please tell me
      When I do A Script I need to make An oveset for a one Address And to make it I Save it to the save list And do an Oveset for it but when I want to edit the Result that I got at the save list I don't know the code of editing the save list so I record The Editing of The save list at GameGuardian But when I use the recorded code it doesn't work never I tried a lot to save it but I couldn't
      So if you know the Solve of this problem please tell me
      I use GameGuardian 99.0 For Knowing
    • By Lucifer69morningstar
      I cant figure it out with gg. I've tried hacking the prize lines for races and It changes the number just like when I hacked csr2 racing. But after the race the prize It gives is back to normal and I dont get what I changed it Tom PLEASE HELP.
      [added 4 minutes later] Please approve lovely mods:)
    • By ShamelesCampR559
      New here trying to share a video of some values I found in Survival Simulation found on google play I use game Guardian too. I have a script I'm writing for multiplayer, for unlimited resources and bullet's, but need help. In the pictures below I included how I found how to hack wood. After I get a reply I'll post my error log so someone can help if they can. Thank you in advance 😊

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