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need some basic knowledge to do practical game hack by lua script

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First, i am very beginning at this lua script hacking. And i am running sooo trouble doing every search (group, basic search, finding stuff)


The reason i knock -- i hope someone here, can help me, how should i run these codes!!! or how to do these stuff (practical). or basic rules, how things should be done


the tuts r here... is direct. impossiblefor me, to understand


if someone r so friendly amd know about how to find stuff and modify them then plz knock here. i will install any other social media to join and have some conversation with you about it. 


plz i do it for my curious. only education purpose. 


And lastly, veryy soory for my bad English.

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    • By adadadad1235352
      HI, Can anybody give or create script on this game - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kartuzov.mafiaonline ?
      I search cheats on this game and found it - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFPx468K5xI&t=174s
      If anybody can create cheat like on video I can pay you
      I want cheat with function of show roles of players 

      Хай, может кто-то создать скрипт на эту игру - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.kartuzov.mafiaonline ?
      Из читов которые я находил только это - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WFPx468K5xI&t=174s
      Если кто-то захочет создать скрипт могу заплатить 
      Желательно чит который будет расскрывать роли игроков, а ночью показывает кто к кому ходил(К кому ходил док, пута, шер, ман)
      Заплатить могу около 25 тысяч после создания, пруфы что деньги есть могу предоставить 
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    • By MrXnuv3r
      help me to find more than one value
      I mean, if I look for the value "25" and there are no results, then continue to look for the second value "20".
      but if I look for the value "25" and there are results, then don't look for the second value "20"
      I tried writing the script but GG always read i search value "5"
      sorry for my english
      I hope you understand what I mean
    • By fllwr
      I use other script engine/app to automate some game play and  I use GG run some task on demand.
      The problem is, GG script seems to be interrupted if target process is terminated. (Reasonable but block in my way)
      But sometimes I want to kill/restart the game, and therefore need to automate attach/load script.
      To make it happen:
      1. If it is possible to attach process/load script through local IPC or shell command.
          I think it is not possible now.
      2. Automate tap on GG to attach/load script. But there are two major problems to solve:
          A. Find the game process can be non-trivial as the position in list seems unpredictable.
          B. Find GG floating icon can be non-trivial.
      Anyway, I would like to request some (trivial) features for menu/UI, which benefits humans and also can make my automation easier.
      1. Add options to sort process list by pid/display name/package name.
          IMO a sorted list is much easier to locate the process.
          (It seems that GG tries to put foremost window's process 1st in list, but not always and other window/process are not sorted.
           In case there is another floating window around, it is most likely that the floating window's app is 1st in list, and the game is at random list position.)
      2. Add a menu entry to set/set floating icon position in menu. Add a menu entry to change floating icon size.
          IMO a smaller floating window (without auto hide) is most convenient.
          Remember and apply accurate floating icon position is much easier than struggle to drag GG to correct region every time.
         (One practical use case is when speedhack is use frequently to tweak speed up/down all the time.
          GG's floating icon is large, and huge if speedhack's arrows is shown -- I knew long press again can hide arrows, but it is inconvenient if I want to change speed all the time)
      It would be easiest possible to attach process/load script through local IPC or shell command.
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