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No more working of free pack in ldoe

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Help me with this game Last day on earth. Which the free shop is not working now . The problem was if we click the gasoline item to buy free pack its doesn't pop up they patched the game if any other way access to free pack it would be good to hack the game

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    • By Pipes
      What I want to say is that:
      1. User clicks GG icon
      2. Search '2' in DWORD
      3. Clicks icon again
      4. Refine number as '3'
      5. Clicks icon again
      6. Refine number as '1'
      7. Clicks icon again
      8. Refine number as '2'
      So, what is the code for this?  I tried
      gg.isClickedUiButton but it isn't working
    • By Ahana7
      Can you help me out toh find the value off this game,how can I find the so so the colour of the puzzle become one colour,plzz help

    • By amandeep1122
      Can anyone help me in hacking Naruto x Boruto ninja voltage latest version 8.2.1.
      I will appreciate your efforts
    • By A1111
      I need help with this new game. It's the standard RPG experience but addicting. I signed up for pre-registration and downloaded it yesterday 26th/27th May.
      I tried putting it in a virtual machine but it doesn't open the game, it is just stuck at the loading screen. Yes, I checked where I have put the OBB files, but still, doesn't help.
      So.. Can anyone with a rooted device check whether this game works? and possibly do a hack?
      thanks for reading 🙂
    • By hsusudhbsjwhdhdgsj
      How retrive the value of an offset address and use the value as variable?
      how to retrive the value of an offset address? gg.searchNumber("19811;1065353216;10616;10606;10611::", gg.TYPE_DWORD, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1, 5) r = gg.getResults(gg.getResultsCount()) t = { { address = r[1].address - 0x8 } } p = { { val = t[1].value } } print(' value: ', p[1].value) this giving me nil i want to use val as variable  
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