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PUBG crash right after the start in parallel space

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    • By PSYpsychotichacker
      View File SS PUBG Mobile hack : Most Safe Antiban 100%: XX PUBG Mobile hack
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      Submitter PSYpsychotichacker Submitted 03/16/2019 Category PUBG  
    • By PSYpsychotichacker
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    • By Mohamed90
      Script not working after update to v.81 and above..it running but nothing change but its working perfect with v.80.
      One more thing, in the app settings its written v.30.4 but its the last version
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      Can you please help me out, I've tried using game guardian v76 and v86 and many different scripts but can't seem to make wallhack work on my OnePlus 7 pro phone with snapdragon 855. Any help will be greatly appreciated, thank you.
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      View File ⌛ Detect Me if U Can ... Value Health?
      [👍] Just get "value health"
      but notyet finish it
      Just update script .sh Lib executor,
      ⚀ YT Channel : pensiunanhacker
      PH2 excecutor with Libue4.so:
      Host update agust2019:
      NB: i put high risk value to ban (on script)
      coz for scanning memory secur weakness
      😀 good luck
      Submitter pensiunanhacker Submitted 03/23/2019 Category PUBG  
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