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Relation between the real value and the encrypted value

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I've hacked many games since i download game guardian but some times the games that i try to hack have encrypted values and i cant see the relation between that value and the value showed by the game. Because of that i'd like to know if there is some app or something to do for know the relation between the mentionated values

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No. In each case, everything can be in its own way.

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    • By aswall
      Hello everybody!
      I am trying to modify the cost for the different reawrds as well as modifying the amount of coins in an APP but I cannot hit those values with Game Guardian.
      - For the coins, I have tried searching the number of actual coins and refining them when the number changes but after few refines there are no matches for the new value. Any suggestions on how to do this search?
      - For the rewards cost, I am trying to find the chests costs (99, 169 and 299) but nothing can be found.
      Can anyone help me out with this?
      Thanks in advance!
    • By ExclamationPoint
      Game keeps on crashing with various memory ranges. There has been a wallhack (color) before but its outdated and it wasnt made with GG. The only thing working is the inbuild Speedhack of GG. If theres any way to get useful values on this game please help! 
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      I want to hack PVZ 2 plants, but can't find their values. Can anyone help? an address would be all i need
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      I'm confused, I'm to game gaurduan and I need help finding values for example, values for a wallhack esp and enemy location and, when I find those values how do I put it in my script.
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        I was trying to hack the shop of Ad Cap. as used to hack every other game. The things is i can't find the exact value of the shop because are so low:

      In other games shops values are high like 500 to 10.000 and it's just easy as search for 500;10000. But in this game i can't, I'm getting at least 60 results and if I try to change all the game just close. Any one knows how to get that specific numbers? 
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