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Need some help I'm using a OnePlus 6T device.  I watched many tutorials and read comments, etc. but cannot get GG working. I installed Parallel Space, Installed Game Guardian, opened Parallel Space, created a clone of both GG and the game.  Then when I try to open GG, from the Parallel Space, it keeps telling me failed to load daemon.  I have tried recording the logcat as I saw suggested but that does not seem to work.  When I click Fix It and Record Logcat it closes GG, but it never reopens it.  I can tell you that the error message mentions "error=13, Permission denied".  Can anyone please help?  This is first time trying the application out and I really want to get it working.  Please & thanks in advance.  

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Maybe need root for your firmware. try different firmware or get root or other device.

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