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MKX Mobile 1.21 Character Cards Hack (Android & iOS)

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I have recently made an updated version of my tutorials for Mortal Kombat X Mobile. Thought you may find them useful.

How To Hack Injustice 2 Raiden In MKX Mobile 1.21 (and future versions if you get the correct code)

How To Hack MKX Mobile Android #1 : Hack ALL Character Cards | MKX 1.21 

How To Hack MKX Mobile iOS #1 : Hack ALL Character Cards | MKX 1.21 


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Very nice your past videos have been very useful to me, I am about to upload my first LUA script shortly that hacks the Koin and Soul store so you can get Koins, Souls, Blood Rubies, Mystic Runes, Fragments and Talent Points.

But anyways thanks for putting in all that work it is appreciated.

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Current codes for use with the first video


Injustice 2 RAIDEN 70983

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