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Daemon Not Running

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i tried doing the youtube tutorials to get GG, Dualspace to work without root but its useless without the root.

It asks for Daemon. It says, "Daemon is not running. This function is not available if daemon is not running. Wait until daemon starts up. (Did you forget to grand root access? Or is root not installed?)".

I am using an emulator Bluestacks N. It says next to the play icon top left, Failed to run daemon. Is root installed?

In the tutorial video i was watching, the guy clicked on the GG icon, and then the counter. When i clicked on the GG after the counter like he did, it would sometimes force close the GG

i was watching tutorial - No Root Via Parallel Accounts - GameGuardian 


When i got to part where he gets a "Select Process", i dont get what he has. I dont get the Select Process.

On the top he has II Tap Counter [50.1mb]. I have it shown Failed to run daemon. Is root installed?

I do have tap counter open but its asking for the Root. I am stuck. 

Daemon not running GG .jpg

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Wait until daemon not started.

Bluestacks can be rooted via Tweaker.

Or use another emulator. Most of them has root out of box. LDPlayer, KOPlayer, Memu, for example.

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