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What can be done with GameGuardian?

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Hi guys,

i will ask a question

Can AimBot be in this game? /  If we can, how will I do it?

Game: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=se.foglo.svt&hl=tr

--------------------The other question is---------------------------------------------------------------

The values in the game are constantly changing, how do I write a script?

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I may be wrong, but the "aimbot" is actually an aim_assist function, common in games where a virtual joystick composed of two virtual analog is used.
and with it is a function, it has predefined values for its operation, ie, according to you move the pointer of your aim in X and Y values,  function enters activities based on the target in your front, but the same  stop work when you move your aim too far in X, Y values.
the function must contain the values for velocity at X and Y, values X and Y for start function and values X, Y for function to end.
modifying these values you get the "aimbot", that  the improved aim_assist with bigger or smaller values.
the game guardian app can be used to fetch these values, however it will be a rather time-consuming job.


to learn how to make script>> https://gameguardian.net/help/

Sorry for bad English 


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