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Your cap don't work

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What the heck you stuff doesn't work have a working root and it's active and it still doesn't work like really I spent so much time on getting this app and making it work just for it to fail I'm so disappointed such a waste of time

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Delete and forget about this application.

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    • By Kael92
      Name of Game: "Breaking Bad: Criminal Elements"
      It play online.
      Is not pay.
      Link google play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.ftxgames.bb&rdid=com.ftxgames.bb
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    • By Inpecstigator
      Forgive me if this was asked, though I am 99% sure it hasn't come up yet because I did thorough searching using the site's search engine as well as third party engines.
      This morning I attempted to download and install game guardian (using this site's download link), and when I opened up the .apk there were quite a few flashes on my screen which instantly made me panic and think I might have messed up and downloaded some nefarious application. I quickly uninstalled, wiped, did all I could and I noticed that when I installed Game Guardian there was a second app installed, same icon and everything, called catch.me.if.you.can.
      Now, I already know that antivirus and other security programs will flag Game Guardian as dangerous software because of its inherent nature, but I really need some assurance that Game Guardian.net is not a group of malicious individuals. More importantly, what is this second apk that was downloaded and installed? I really am worried right now and want to know if anyone can explain this Catch.Me.If.You.Can deal.
      Bless you all in advance.
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