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YAMGUN Money hack

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Hello guys,

this is my first time submitting something to the forum, so don't expect to much tutoring.

YAMGUN's money is an encrypted float/double usually in the C memory range (that's why I refined the memory area to C000000 to


C0000000 to CFFFFFFF


Just do a few searches for an encrypted float in the range I've given above and you're set.

When altering the value just change the first digit to 5, or something else if you know what you're doing else the game may crash.

Y'all have a nice day, and happy hacking!

Pretty basic stuff but you have to start somewhere.





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1 hour ago, GuenterJauch said:

C0000000 to CFFFFFFF

Can vary across devices/firmwares.

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48 minutes ago, Enyby said:

Can vary across devices/firmwares.

Yes indeed it can, that's why I said usually. On Snapdragon 8xx it's always the C memory range. I've never seen it in any other memory range on my Xiaomi Mi Note 2, OnePlus 3T, I bet it's the same on my Pixel, so I dare generalizing it.

Have you tried it on your device?

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No. But I know how work memory allocation.

And for other games ranges can be very different.

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