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WAR ROBOTS 2.4 HACKING GUIDE (Timerhacking/Teleport/Fly)

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Hello community,


Some people asked me to release how i did the teleport&flyhack


So here is a small guide how i hack this game.


On this compilation i uploaded you can see whats possible




There are two methods of hack the game


1. Hacking game timers/countdowns like  15 second countdown at roundstart or special features of bots like griffin or stalker (ammo, weapon timers are serverside and cant hacked with that method)


You can easily hack it with the timejump feature of our gameguardian app you can download on this website



You need to activate the 6. Timer (app) in GG timersetting


Then enter  the seconds you wanna hack. Thats all.


For faster using we will release new version of GG with timejump floaticon next weeks




2. For using teleport and flyhack (you can teleport inside buildings to beeing invulnerable)


You need to activate the 3. Timer (others) in GG Timer Settings


Now its a litte bit tricky. Use slow walking bots its more save to prevent unlucky teleports outside the map


Use timejump 1 second and then move the joypad around (see my video)


Best results you get if you turn your bot 180 degree's against the direction you want to move


Its a simple exploit of the netcode what try to sync playerpositions



Both methods are undetected because they cant log that. But be warned, all other players can see what you do an someone will report you if you fly with rajin across the map


It makes a lot of fun, you can epic trolling other players


Have fun, geri


All credits to me and our team at gameguardian.net




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