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  1. Can u please update the script for pacybits because is not working now
  2. How come when i open the game with parallel space it always close and doesn't open
  3. Any chance of having guarantee carniball plz
  4. Why is there no guarantee prime icon on the script
  5. I'm having problem trying to add apps to clone. The page keep loading but nothing comes up so i can't add games to parallel space.
  6. The script works now thank you
  7. Doesn't work say script 100% but no changes
  8. I don't think that would be a good choice
  9. How come I'm missing one file of virtual backup
  10. Why is the script disappear all the time before i confirm a sold player im having problem finishing the scripts
  11. Can you make the video clear is a bit blurry i can't see it properly on youtube. Or can u take print screen and post it step by step
  12. Is it just me or what, it doesn't work at all
  13. Sorry i didn't realise that there is a new update now it works thank you
  14. Nothing happens it doesn't unlock anything and the price is not fixed is like just the normal game
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