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  1. is it possible to remove fog of war on minimap and/or hack achievement rewards?
  2. icepack

    Graal online era

    there is no way to hack this game thru GG.
  3. icepack

    Indentity V

    oh i see. the one you mentioned before. goodluck bro.
  4. icepack

    Indentity V

    i already put the wallhack code on our previous thread. but its only for the survivors.
  5. icepack

    Indentity V

    it becomes vip now haha. you didnt add the walk through walls
  6. well done great. to maximize walk thru wall you need to get the tool rugby ball. dash thru the wall. without it, its hard to walk thru the walls. 90% you get stuck on the wall and sometimes you cant get out if you dont have dash. hehe
  7. do you have any idea why these games (lineage 2 revolution, dragon revolt, crusaders of light, most netease games) can be modded but cant be hacked by GG?
  8. i tried charles/fiddler trying to cheat ninja saga via pc before. haha. that was around 6 years ago.
  9. dont know. but the code was made by other modders. i just test their codes. well goodluck cracking this game. i wanna see some cool hacking stuff out of this game again. best is god mode( cannot be pinned down by hunters) and walk thru walls with ease like in some youtube videos. dont know if currencies can be hacked ??
  10. i really dont understand the codes bro. i can do basic editing only.
  11. here you go guys. start from here. the walk through wall code. dont know if it still works today. 5;6;7;8:666 @double then search 8, edit all values to 999 Note: you will know it if the hack works still if your character when moving towards obstacle(wall, chair, table) tends to stick on it. ALSO the code is for the players only. NOT for the hunters(they have different code). BETTER to use dash skill from rugby ball or use the rugby player character. RUGBY BALL can be get on boxes found all around the map.
  12. dash skill is like that one on the video. the player who plays rugby has a rugby ball that can be used to dash.
  13. dont use speed hack. it detects by game and it will end in a BAN. the only thing i did not to get banned was walk thru walls. but its so hard to pass wall if you dont have dash skill.
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