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  1. F1rst1inGame


    Thank you dear cmP for your quick answer and very well documented. I'm going to look at all this so I can find myself in GG. Once again thank you...
  2. F1rst1inGame


    Hello everyone I'm not really an expert with GG but there is some research that I can not do anymore because I can not find the icon anymore Can someone help me, I probably missed something but I do not know where. Thank you in advance for the attention you will bring to my problem. cordially ps: Sorry, I forgot to mention that I used GG with MemuPlay
  3. Hello Bro TJ, where are you, no news anywhere . I hope all goes well . Hoping for good news soon. See you soon
  4. Always at the top bro, great thanks for your exellent job
  5. Please Bro, can you update your script with the new skills system. Thanks in advance.
  6. Hello Bro, just one thing to say is thank you for your great job......
  7. Hello Bro, I'm happy to see that you update your exellent script. When can we DL it ?
  8. Please Bro, can you update your script. Thank's ?
  9. Hello Bro, where is the youtube content of your chanel. Does kefir strike you my friend ?
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