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  1. Just edit the reward at pvp that all ^^
  2. Guys i dont think hack the golden skull is ez like that xD
  3. The golden skull cant change because it not change any to do the hack , the number need to change to hack but golden skull not , i try to find out but it isn't it walk to far of my knowledge eheh xd , just simple use speed hack and you can go faster ^^
  4. I show it already just check in other reply ^^ had fun
  5. Im had make the hacking channel before but all my video had deleted i now just go to help others with all the thing i knew ^^ had a great day
  6. Soul hack is ez you just need to upgrade and find dword then when only 1 value edit it -99999999 and there we go a ton of soul ^^
  7. It a real number not revert dude , Dont go through 2 billion it will back to zero it [added 0 minutes later] First you need to go shop , then you see the value 500 and 5000 of the chest , group find 500;5000 with ordered on , (you must enough the skull to press the buy button 500) and you edit it to -999999999 and buy it and enjoy , don't press through 2 billion it will comeback to zero
  8. [added 1 minute later] I just hack skull only not gold skull yet
  9. I just findout how to hack it do you wanna me to show you guys?
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