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  1. Totally legit guys... Guys? [added 4 minutes later] The only thing I'm missing right now is golden skulls, with some golden skulls progression would be 10x faster. The only part that isn't exploitable is the last two epic weapons, all other epic weapons can be purchased if you patched the apk with lucky patcher. But for some reason, the last two epic weapons don't allow you to do this.
  2. Go through your process, that would be splendid!
  3. (Was previously posted in help, then realized that it was the wrong topic to post to. I don't know how to delete it.) I've just created this account to reach out to the experts of game guardian in hopes of being able to hack this one game. I've exhausted all of my knowledge of Game Guardian and can't find anyone on YouTube, gameguardian.net, or been able to do it myself for the half hour to an hour I tried. Obviously, the numbers are encrypted. I've gotten the numbers on DWord, however; to no avail. I tried changing the values and one of two things happen: 1) The game crashes; 2) The value converts back to its original state. I think you have to go into the value and change something in there, but I have no clue how any of that works. I've gotten some byte values when searching for some values, but I don't have a clue how hex works or if I even got the correct values. I've tried hacking skulls, golden skulls, souls, weapon levels, and weapon upgrade levels. If anyone can figure out how to hack this stubborn game, reply to this post and we can make this a team effort. Device: LG K20 OS: 7.0 Nougat ROOT: No (Parallel Space with GG)  Version: Latest version of GG as of 6/28/19 If there's anything else that's required to know, let me know in a reply. 
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