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  1. Affann

    Help with a function

    I am writing a complex if function for which I have: Results: "boi" which is the combined search for the hack "testoo" which is refined search for a hack "testoo1" which is refined search for an another hack "testoo2" which is refined search for an another hack Now for the script does the work and makes the results "testoo". If testoo value is same as testoo1 then refine does not work for which I want a thing from which I can load testoo results and subtract them(remove) from boi results. Is it possible? ITS DONE NO NEED TO REPLY.
  2. gg.searchNumber(speedvalue;impspeed;jumpvalue::217, gg.TYPE_FLOAT, false, gg.SIGN_EQUAL, 0, -1) Game guardian says ") expected near ;" but it is group search and i think it is correct. Note: speedvalue,impspeed,jumpvalue is already defined as number.
  3. rCount2 = gg.getResultCount() test = rCount2 - 2 gg.toast(test) for i, v in ipairs(gg.getResults(1, test)) do v.freeze = true v.value = 0.0 end Can someone please explain or fix? The arithmetic is ok I checked with toast but the second last value does not edit and freeze
  4. Affann

    Need help

    I have this code: r = gg.getListItems() r[1].value = 999 gg.setValues(r) How do I freeze r[1]
  5. Affann


    Thank you Thank you
  6. Affann


    I mean a script searches and finds 2 addresses which have the same value.. now how do I make the script edit the value which is on the top only and not the below one.
  7. Affann


    If a script searches for e.g 4 and 2 addresses popup with sane value. How do u edit the value which is below
  8. Affann


    Is there a thing which I can use like if (variable) == "1.0" or "3.0" then Func End Basically if variable is any of these two values then it will perform the func is it possible?
  9. Affann


    If your script searches like anything and couple of values popup and you want to edit only the ones for e.g 1.0,Float is it possible??
  10. Affann


    I'm asking a simple question if we can add a button other than ok or cancel
  11. Affann


    Nothing much.. just wanted to ask whether it is possible to put another button in gg.prompt for e.g I need to put a "default" button which (when clicked) writes some text on the text box of gg.prompt
  12. Now I have a script where it searches for 1.5 in float and finds 300+ values then they can be modified. I can slowly modify value 1 by 1 to find real value for hacking, but when i find 1 real value, I am confused that if it is possible to find the same address without searching with value and using something else?
  13. Affann

    Help me with a thing

    Thank you!!
  14. Affann

    Help me with a thing

    And is it possible to store search result as a variable? I searched but I couldn't find anything.
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