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  1. Question guidance on bitwise operation symbols . This symbol '&' , How to use regular expressions , Just like the error reported in the editor, this error did not affect the running of the script, but it also caused the script to be compiled with the app to fail, because the symbology was a bit strange. For example, print(a & b) is the correct execution, but if you compile it with app compilation software, you cannot pass the Lua compilation standard . How to replace the ampersand or is there any way to avoid this error @恩比@压力计
  2. I can. You can contact me at facebook
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    If you don't strengthen the game guardian ,Then it will be abandoned because many people are using the changed version of the game guardian, Has gone beyond the principles of the original game guardian, Your development will simply provide open source services to others, It has become a habit for people to use most maliciously modified game guardian Please reinforce the security of the game guardian in a later version to prevent apk from being tampered with
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    Lucky to have free access to the game guardian, Thanks to so many years of update and optimization, excellent performance,
  5. The way to protect your scripts is ever-changing, but you're too weak. Look at Chinese hackers Learn their encryption methods, anti-debugging and so on
    Android 8.0 can not get a suspended window, the ES application Fenshen suspended window has been granted permission
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    The game guardian has become very agile, searching code and location addresses have become very fast and accurate, it is a big change, and the use of hidden game game guardian features, no longer affect the speed and efficiency of the search. Enyby you are very good, to solve most of the anti-cheating mechanism of the game, the game guardian will open a new mode, sincerely thank you
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    I have the slightest doubt, what is Lib ?
    very good,This is a new pattern
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