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    Please fix the lua script, thanks

    I encountered a problem, always can not see where the error, I tried to change the position of the statement end, but still tips unknown characters close, enyby and CMP help me, thank you! Unknown error please correct .lua _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later @Enyby@CMP _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later
  2. How to get the name of the game guard package and print it @Enyby
  3. Icicle

    [Tool] GGLUA Hooker

    This is a tool made by my good friend, only, used to be the author of ssu encryption, my name is Bingling, I am glad you used the SSH interceptor, a more powerful version of the 3.7 or newer version has been launched.
  4. Icicle

    ES Parallel Accounts

    Android 8.0 can not get a suspended window, the ES application Fenshen suspended window has been granted permission
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    The game guardian has become very agile, searching code and location addresses have become very fast and accurate, it is a big change, and the use of hidden game game guardian features, no longer affect the speed and efficiency of the search. Enyby you are very good, to solve most of the anti-cheating mechanism of the game, the game guardian will open a new mode, sincerely thank you
  6. Icicle

    Set hidden searches for the game

    In the GG search process, I can set the syntax to whether or not hidden from the game, without the need to pre-set GG's hidden button, Does API have syntax to support such an operation, Enyby, Help me.
  7. How to achieve automatic determination of gg.alert 。For example: icex=gg.alert("Please select", "1234","123") How do I actively enter 123 or 1234 without the user's two options being selected! Is it possible to assign values via gg.sleep() to automatically select options after how many seconds? Enyby help me
  8. How to avoid detection of virtual space . Tencent is so powerful that even if you change the package name and signature of the virtual space app, you are still being detected using third-party tools, and before that you can avoid detection by changing the package name and signature. To now invalid, excuse me , enyby you can do a optimized version of the virtual app? The mechanism against Tencent ?
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    How to avoid detection of virtual space ?enyby

    ok, I understand
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    I have the slightest doubt, what is Lib ?
  11. How to record how many times the function has been turned on to limit multiple uses
  12. Doesn't anybody get up? Who can help me !
  13. Can I select the game process through a script and hide the visible settings for the game? help me
  14. Is it possible to run Android app from a script .For example: app. Running () or app. Are the package () statements true
  15. Can you grant me the original text encrypted like you? I need a mixed encryption scheme to protect the script …
  16. Icicle

    I can't Decrypt this script. Please help me.

    It's easy PUBG.log
  17. How to calculate this password mode .Please look at the pictures and attachments . This script has a special password, password algorithm to change how to calculate .lua
  18. Icicle

    How to calculate this password mode. (help)

    Replace to the beginning? And any password will be correct? _______________________________________________ added 3 minutes later This is the way I intercept other people's encryption, I would like to know how to solve this password is the number of the algorithm how to understand, it is important to understand the meaning of its encryption
  19. Request: Adapt the game Guardian's lua statement Daquan, who can provide 8.63.0 game Guardian, all available lua functions and grammar sentences, including third-party grammar, I just want to know how many grammar and functions the game Guardian supports.
  20. 5.2 is too big for me to call, but I can't find out how to write a Lua script in the Game Guardian environment so that the Game Guardian can support it.
  21. There are so many irrelevant things that I only need to run the supported functions and statements on the game guardian.
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    I also want to say thank you. This topic also helped me.
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    very good,This is a new pattern