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  1. New Modded Apps Soon, Sorry I Haven't Uploaded In A While

  2. Thank you Will Follow Your Advice Would It Be Better Using A Cat6 As They Have Faster Data Transfer?
  3. Your A Network Tech, Can I Ask A Question - I Have A Server & I Need To Connect A Switch To Allow More Connections For My Mainframe, How Would I Go About Putting Secure Connections On My Network & Removing SSID On The Network? Thanks
  4. Wish I Could Work From My Bedroom So Much Easier
  5. I Presumed So, Isnt It Like 08:30am There, Its 13:30 Here Nearly Time To Go Home
  6. Its Okay, I Was Wondering How Long It Would Be Before Someone Asked
  7. Im From The United Kingdom, I Do Its Because I Think It Looks Better & More Formal, Its By Choice
  8. Agreed But Without It I Would Be A Walking Zombie
  9. Really Busy At The Moment!

  10. Hahaha So Funny, ive never played it nor do I intend to
  11. Some people would do anything for this game, people are obsessed with it
  12. Any values you guys find post them and I will create a cheat engine trainer saves you always searching for your values
  13. They should make this an option really as it will encourage people to play it online Starzz
  14. @Phoenoix123, Hello and welcome to the game guardian!
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