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  1. Actually, I am already starting facing Lua 5.2 chunk up due to my amount of Lua knowlangage.

    And soon there will 2 project going out after SS encryption is stable.

    Decompiler, A.K.A bytecode to source code. It can't really tell that this is same as inlays, but it can turn a binary chunk back to editable code, which is source code.

    Live bytecode logger, as the name, it does log bytecode. Usage? I don't know, maybe editing logic return value or stack traceback, and a loop jump out feature.

    Of cause, all written as Lua.

  2. Thanks, developing chunk Obfuscater is actually really hard, you have to learn how all opcode means and make a phaser for it. Although this version of efficiency is bad and may have some bugs, I'll try to improve it in the future.

  3. 11 hours ago, Zoro123 said:


    I just want a little help ....i am using game guardian without root with parallel space and when i launch game guardian it says failed to load daemon.

    I hope you will consider my problem.




  4. BTW

    There's lots of chinese ppl talking and you should know that

    Chinese ppl are using a thing called "QQ" and "WeChat".

    They also created a lot of group that are talking GG and GG PUBG China hack etc...


    for the long run, i think you should only create discord to other country and just igonre Chinese ppl because

    they already have their own group ❤️ 

    And i'm in their group, if you wanna know more,

    pm me, i would reply you ASAP.


  5. On 7/25/2018 at 8:32 AM, YeetMeister said:

    I want to know how to make a password Protection for my Script.

    Can somebody help me? Thx


    If you want it safer, use the password to encrypt your script

    so that you must enter the password to go in script in stand of that one

  6. local c_ver = "1.1"
    -- Current script version
    local s_ver = gg.makeRequest("https://example.com").content
    if tonumber(c_ver) < tonumber(s_ver) then
      local ask=gg.alert("New version "..s_ver.." is avalible","download","dismiss")
      if ask == 1 then
        local data=gg.makeRequest("https://example.com/seript",nil,"ver="..s_ver).content
        if data then
          print("Error: can't get server's content")


  7. So i add this into GG,

    and i also make that into GG.

    This one and that one works same way,

    but that makes this to be that,

    and this make that to be this.

    So which one is better?

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