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  1. I cant see my credits for magic bullets?
  2. Sorry for the crash but rono fxcked it up it works now again
  3. You maybe can ***** read the error it says that the script is encrypted in Lua 4.7 it needs to be a Lua 5-5,3 please don't post this crap again
  4. Roblox is server-sided it can't be modified.
  5. View File Fut 20 Ronoplays vip cracked/leaked Follow the instructions in rono's video and use my leaked backup. Submitter Uaaa Submitted 11/13/2019 Category LUA scripts  
  6. Version 1.0.0


    Follow the instructions in rono's video and use my leaked backup.
    Just a question what are those for? gg.isPackageInstalled("com.jvgliejujpafhscoli") gg.isPackageInstalled("app.greyshirts.sslcapture") gg.isPackageInstalled("com.toshiba_dealin.developerhelper") gg.isPackageInstalled("com.minhui.networkcapture") gg.isPackageInstalled("cn.darkal.networkdiagnosis") gg.isPackageInstalled("cn.darkal.networkdiagnosit") gg.isPackageInstalled("com.cyb.net.capture") gg.isPackageInstalled("com.dans.apps.webd") gg.isPackageInstalled("com.maggienorth.max.postdata")
  7. Most of the online games are server sided so you can't edit the value or you need access to the cloud
  8. I could do something eh but nobody would be happy
  9. Uaaa

    help me

    He means the script detects enybys logger I guess
  10. For gold hack open game guardian and search this on dword (gold amount);327680~327699::5 refine with your gold amount edit all to whatever gold you want Enjoy
  11. Uaaa

    replacing values

    (I am using a rooted device) So if A replace and freeze bad regional value it glitches and goes back to original and the new one. I didn't understand this why? @Enyby
  12. Uaaa

    Frostborn game script

    I am on vacation hehe
  13. Uaaa


    Uh OK then I'll use a open sourced compiler
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