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  1. @leleg see channel NVB productions there are video about that.
  2. wayme


    hai, again.. just curious. i have problem with... just look at the picture. the point is if the ram set 1800 (or higer than 890) search slow, but if ram below 890 the search fast.. Data in RAM : Yes or No, no effect ? emulator test : Nox (4.4), Memu (4.4 or 5.1) same problem. Nox (5.1) work fast. but Bluestacks (4.4) high or low RAM no problem ? or my spec pc is too old to handle ? C2D e8400 with ram DDR2 5Gb
  3. wayme


    @Enyby wow you the best sir, thank you.
  4. wayme


    any suggest what version of nox for GG ?
  5. wayme


    Hi. any solution for this problem? im use noxplayer v6.0.8 andro 4.4.2 but in andro 5.1.1 its work fine sorry for my english thanks.
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