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  1. I can only get this one. Couldn't find the others
  2. Give us a clue
  3. Found the repair gauge value 256W;2400F::29 Freeze the float one Just wondering, have anyone knows how to freeze recruit's health? Cause I can't find it the way i did to repair gauge
  4. You can get all arena rewards by simply scan and change the trophy value, it's in Float
  5. Thanks for this Got my bot on lvl 30, but it revert back to lvl 10. Guess it's because my boat is still lvl 4. But u wont mind
  6. Hello, could you please elaborate this, cuz i don't quite understand it. Moreover, the seems not loaded here, there's only the media player but no video shows up.
  7. I got this weird bug where everytime i open up GG, scan some things, then all lf the sudden my screen becomes darker than usual, even when i put the brightness slider full to the right. It occurred when GG is running, eithey when i scan things or just let the floating icon staying on screen. I've never been in this situation before. It's just kinda annoying that i had to restart my phone to restore the brightness. It's sometimes fixed by itself when GG is opened, but idk what occurs it. Device Mi A2, Android 10+, Pixel Experience, Magisk, Lsposed, Lucky Patcher
  8. Yeah, i tried restarting the game without protection with gg overlay opened, the game didn't start until i change the process in gg or turn of the overlay I'mma give it a shot, tried with virtualxposed but no luck
  9. and then what? Should i change the process after the game loaded? If i change the process, the sub-process merged with the game and the crash stil occurs
  10. i managed to through the protection but i forgot how. I guess i just keep restarting the game without protection, turn hide gg to all levels. But when i try it again, it doesn't work
  11. anyone know how to hack sprakles when you use potion? Cause i saw few guys do that a few days ago
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