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  1. I know how to do it now, there are sub-process go with the game, stop the sub-process and the game wont crash anymore
  2. Wont work, i always try that before hide gameguardian
  3. Yep if open gg + open process the game wont crash, but after scan the game crash
  4. just tried waitpid mode alternative and toggle se linux enforcing/permissive but both not work
  5. Do you use latest version of the game? If you do can you show me gg setting?
  6. The game dont crash on your device? Im using android 5.1.1 with supersu
  7. This game does crash after scan, i already give up
  8. Use lucky patcher, turn off internet when purchase
  9. I know you might mean that so i tried both 2,4 and 2,3,4 but both not work
  10. I tried all hide from game option but it not work, only work with old version.
  11. All value in this game is dword and easy to find correct value, old version work with hide guardian from the game. But the new update make the app crash whenever value changed. I tried hide guardian and disable protection but nothing work. There are some followed process seem to be protection process. Help me
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