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  1. I would but I'm on the cracking team there. Also as a note, I do not take any mods here and post them there. I only post MODs I do myself.
  2. You can check out my mods at Removed/forums/forumdisplay.php?fid=11
  3. All good found a converter
  4. What is freecore in the new freedom? Installs Freedom to the os?
  5. Sounds like fun. Ill post what i find.
  6. also do you know the hex code for nop in ida?
  7. Nice, I used to mess with assembly in olly but packing and protection became a pain in the a**. If you send me a copy/link that would be much appreciated ;-)
  8. Weird then. Uploaded it but never posted
  9. Ty! for the info. Just hack my first lib file. Head Shot on the playstore. Ty for the lead in the right direction! Also i uploaded it to the mod section but its not posting. Does it wait for approval?
  10. Kk I'll give it a shot Sweet ty!
  11. I see many games using libs (.So) files to I guess hide/protect code. I've seen around online that these files are not modifiable because that are signed and cannot be resigned. Anyone have any good techniques or tools for it?
  12. Works great! Tested with version 1.1.4
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