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  1. Up! Waiting for updates on anyone who can find that other value that needs to be edited to make the credit values stick.
  2. Hi @NoFear It has been awhile. How are you man! Everything you taught us for LDOE came in really handy. I was wondering if you could maybe update this hack for Marvel Future fight? I've been playing this game too honestly for the past 3 years now. And spent quite some amount on it already. Its killing me. If you could help find a work around or even just an update for this current hack it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance man! :)
  3. Your LUA Script works well. Thanks for that. And please do keep up the good work. However I cannot link it to my google play account. And I tried overlapping it with the Google playstore version. It won't install while the playstore version is installed. So instead of all the trouble can I ask you to teach me how to do the free craft and chopper and atv completion via game guardian procedures instead? This would really help. I can manage on my own the gold hack, inbox items and all the other stuff thanks to both your tutorials and NoFear's.
  4. The game is already patched at 1.8.2 Can anyone check which hacks are still working? I've been out of the loop for 5 months. I just returned to playing LDOE yesterday and none of the @NoFear hacks seems to be working anymore. I stopped checking for new hacks at 1.6.0 What's new guys?
  5. @NoFear Is the item dupe via Dword freeze still working? I kinda tried doing dupe on coupons but didn't stick after I restarted.
  6. I reinstalled this game recently. However the XIGNCODE3 was able to detect the root cloak itself. And then I uninstalled rootcloak and it detected the GG whenever I tried to turn it on. If you can teach me how to do the bypass, I am always willing to learn.
  7. After you search them how do you spawn them in your inventory?
  8. Ryubei

    My Cafe by Melsoft

    Does not work anymore. Tried it. I keep getting no result in the end.
  9. Hi I was wondering if anyone can find a way for an undetectable or subtle hack/cheat for "MyCafe" game by Melsoft using Game Guardian? Any suggestions or assistance will be welcomed. Knowledge sharing and group efforts are also welcome. Thanks!
  10. It is a given that Devs would be participating in Forums like these. They also get to learn of concerns of other players. Why they turn to hacks. And hopefully unlike other developers they address the main issue. And not just the hack methods/loop holes. That would lead to a long term solution. _______________________________________________ added 1 minute later I'd like to help. Problem is I dunno how to look for military box ID. How do I get Military box ID? Its already in my base. I can put one in my inventory but I dunno how to search for single/non-stackable items.
  11. Yes I already found it. I followed @NoFear's latest video tutorial. Took me 4 hours to finally understand everything. Find the gacha numbers. The body repairs pack is the second gacha 1.
  12. Lol! Now that is another level of... No offense to you man, but your friend is on another level of stupid. Seriously. Its fine to spend some on games. But not to the point you becomes obsessed with being on top.
  13. Following @NoFear 's new tutorial video. Just look for the gacha #s and do a trial and error. If you are looking for Body Repairs pack. It is the second gacha 1. The first gacha 1 is the Engineer pack. And you can simply end it using the same method using No Fear's gold hack. Thanks for the vague tips @NoFear. It took me numerous trial and errors and more than 4 hours to figure it out. Anyway thanks for finding ways for us. And @_Levi_ yeah I agree with you. The snitch is just plain insecure. Because he can no longer feel superior in the game. Being a wallet player is their only claim to being the elites of the game. Now since game-hackers are capable of getting what wallet players can get simply strips them of that privilege.
  14. @NoFear I found the gacha numbers. The next line after gacha is that the pack #? it is always gacha and then either 1,2, or 8? Does the gacha pack number indicate its position in the cash shop? like for example Transport is 2nd to the top does that mean that Engineer and Body repairs are 1 and 2? Or do you start from the bottom and Raw resources and humanitarian aid are gacha 1 and 2?
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