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  1. I've created a trainer script to freeze values in a game during rounds, but they need to be unfrozen at the end of the round to prevent crashes. Sometimes I forget to unfreeze and that leads, naturally, to crashes. It would be nice if my script could change the appearance of the GG icon so it's clear when it's in the frozen state or not. I considered using gg.setSpeed() to use speedhack as an indicator state, but it doesn't appear that I can programmatically disable speedhack (that would be another useful).
  2. I have a rooted Tab S6 with Android 11 on it and GG works fine. Runs everything in ARM64 instead of ARM32 like my old tablet so it's a different experience, but still works.
  3. Are you sure the encrypted values are always monotonic? That a higher encrypted value always results in a higher decrypted value? Because that would be a pretty weak encryption. More typically you can't just multiply the encrypted value because either it wouldn't decrypt properly anymore or it wouldn't have the effect you expect.
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    Nice work! How'd you do it?
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