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  1. It's not so much Android 11 I guess. It's trying to hack this game that's been challenging. I hacked it before but once Android 11 came out everything stopped working for the game.
  2. I hacked it before using GG and parallel space. Since Android 11, everything got screwed up.
  3. But I don't think you can hack it, can you? I'm trying to get some diamonds and maybe some weapons.
  4. Having the same issue. LD player is rooted. Once I start Blits Brigade it says, "your application seems to be modified, update to latest version." So I can't start the game at all to use GG. Is there a workaround?
  5. I'm going to give it a try tonight. Hopefully I can figure it out.
  6. You're using LD player for Blitz Brigade? Or for other games?
  7. Tried some emulators last night, Nox and Bluestacks. When using the emulators as root Blitz Brigade comes back saying the version has been modified. Same thing happens when I use a virtual space. I'm guessing this to mean they patched the hole and it's no longer possible to hack the game unless I can somehow really get into the back end.
  8. So, I currently have x8 on my Android 11 (phone) now and GG works, sort of. The codes/hacks using GG for blitz Brigade don't have any effect. However, they did work in parallel space (Android 10). But since PS updated I lost everything and nothing works. (I might try and downgrade to 10 and try again) Thats why I thought maybe an emulator might be an answer, but I kept running into road blocks of some sort. The emulators say Android 7 (?) I tried several but can't remember all the details of each because it was a month ago. Yesterday I did get GG working on a different Android 9 device. But the funny thing was now the game wouldn't download. It would stay stuck a 0% then time out and tell me I had a bad connection. Wondering if Blitz Brigade has a detection system now where you can't download if it sees some hacking mechanisms. Android 11 is causing too many problems..
  9. I have x8 on my phone now but the hacks don't respond to the game. I never heard of f1 player. I'll have to look into that.
  10. Aaah... I guess I left out alot of information. I guess I tried 3 or 4 of them. Nox, blue stacks, emu and some others. I there is a game called Blitz Brigade I was trying to hack on my pc using an emulator. Parallel space and GG doesn't work on Android 11 anymore. At least I haven't found a good answer for Android 11. So I thought I'd try an emulator. I went through the same steps on the emulator as my phone but it's like the emulators didn't like GG or the virtual root environment. I know this is still kinda vague but if anyone has used an emulator with GG that would be cool to know.
  11. Is this possible? I wanted to hack a game using an emulator but it doesn't appear to work. Is it possible or am I doing something wrong?
  12. X8 works but I was unable to hack one of my games using it. the codes didn't work for whatever reason.
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