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  1. Okay so I tried this and it works a bit funny. The car codes are all off so I can't find the Porsche 911 with car code 50. When I tried to upgrade the Sport XL concept using car code 39 (as per your video), it actually upgraded my E Tense. This is strange. Is there a way to find car codes without upgrading? I've basically upgraded all my cars to 8 so I can't push them any further to find their codes (not without starring them up at least!)
  2. Does the upgrade hack prevent you from earning club rep?
  3. Oh. That's the only way, huh? Meh. Guess I'm quitting then. Don't really have the patience to start from scratch. It doesn't say permanent ban though. I'm wondering if waiting it out makes sense. Is contacting them essential?
  4. I see. So now that I've been banned, what would be the best way to go about getting unbanned? Is it even possible?
  5. So I made a stupid mistake (twice) by entering a TLE without restarting the game when running hacks. Ended up finishing the race in 0.00.00. Got banned obviously. About 3 weeks later now, I'm beginning to think that it's a permanent ban. Is there any way to get the game to ignore the ban? For some reason the Antiban v1.0 patch from lucky patcher doesn't seem to work. Nor does v2.0. Am I doing something wrong? Should I try to do something different?
  6. Awesome! Thanks a bunch! Do you have a particular search combination that works for you?
  7. Anyone know the event IDs for the Porsche 718 championship?
  8. I would've loved to contribute to this list, but unfortunately, I have NO idea what I'm doing when it comes to searching for these params. Would you, at some point, be able to post a tutorial or something showing people how to extract data? If more people learn and work on a database together, everyone benefits
  9. That's wonderful. It would be amazing if you could post how you go about this. Please let us know if there's any way we could contribute
  10. Ah I see. Okay. Thanks anyway. Any suggestions about how we can find the events and modify them, for the new Corvette EDD?
  11. Dear @Enyby, do you have any plans to update the database again with the new R&D and EDD events? The Corvette event starts soon and I was wondering if we'd have an update before / soon after that Is there any way we can help with the process?
  12. Excellent. Thanks a ton! I'm having some trouble with modifying the event params for the ghost races though. Any pointers? At the moment, I'm trying to convert everything to a classic race with the main goal being collect quality checks (param 14), the reward being 17/18/whatever number of checks that event needs for completion. I managed to change the ghost race to a classic event, but I cannot figure out how to change the main goal (I could set it to 1 perfect nitro or whatever if I find it). How are you guys tackling ghost races? EDIT: Figured I could just change the number of laps to 0. Since you start off ahead of the ghost anyway, the race starts and ends instantly and you come out first.
  13. The question is more I guess how do you find the grand finales? The other events are somewhat easy to locate.
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