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  1. What i also do is modify the last value to which the timer is set. Sadly i could not see how long you have to wait but you said 1min. So this can be shown as 60, 120, and 1, this can be float or double. It can also be 2, but this all depends on the structure. Either way, be free to try out.
  2. Thank you for providing this info. Kind of looks like a beta game. interesting. I don't see much of functions happening before and after you pressed that fire button. No zoom of the camera or anything, that can mean a few things. For now i have a few suggestions that you could try. Option 1 --[we will review if fire rate is possible through unknown search] restart the match and make sure that you haven't shoot any bullet yet. search value 0, data type must be float. tab the shoot button (after the waiting time is over so that a bullet comes out) and follow up in gameguardian with "Increased". tab the fire button again, follow up in gameguardian with "Increased". don't tab the fire button and follow up with "Unchanged". follow the process of "Increased" and "Unchanged" for a while till you see float values that have a value above the 10, usually they will have more then 5 floating point values, remove all the values below the 10 and all the values above the 10000. freeze the remaining values (if there are) in there current state. make a video so that we can see if you followed the right steps. Option 2 --[we will try looking for this invisible timer, In this example we will assume that the timer is a value that increases on shoot and then decrease back so that you can shoot] slower the speed of the game using gameguardian his internal speed feature. go in lobby and search value 0 (float), then shoot and "Changed" and keep using "Changed" during the time frame in which your not able to shoot. (you slow down the speed of the game so that you have more time to use "Changed") wait a moment till your sure that you can shoot again and search value 0 float again. then try to shoot again do changed till your sure that you can shoot again, then search 0 again. save the remaining values that are 0 and freeze them. make a video so that we can see if you followed the right steps. Option 3 --[we may need the fool the game that you never pressed that button, it's possible that some kind of value get triggers when you press that button resulting in the timer to be set] search 0, data type dword shoot, search value 1. Then wait till your sure that you can shoot again. Then search value 0 again. shooting disabled = 1, shooting enabled = 0 you can try the other way around, shooting disabled = 0, shooting enabled = 1 edit and freeze the remaining values to the statue of the shooting enabled. make a video so that we can see if you followed the right steps. Option 4 --[basic search for the kind of timers shown in your video] in gameguardian press "Unchanged" shoot and press "Changed" wait till timer is finished and press "Changed" (you need to do it because the value will have changed when you can shoot again) don't shoot yet but then press "Unchanged", because you know that the value won't change anymore. shoot again, press "Changed", wait till you can shoot again and repress "Changed", then press "Unchanged. follow the above process several times till you have a few values left. Freeze the values in the state of when you used "Unchanged" make a video so that we can see if you followed the right steps. I just provided you some basic approaches that you can try with gameguardian.
  3. Hmm...and are you sure that time must be modified in order for you to shoot more bullets in a certain time frame? If people try to help you, a video or screenshot would be nice(preferable a video) so that one can better analyze the structure of the game. It's a small help. But your choice of course.
  4. most likely server sided indeed. Always worth the try though. Name of the game?
  5. Eum, there are a few ways of accelerating speed. Can you send screenshot of that timer? Is it like visible on some side bar or this timer implemented in some button? Or others..
  6. u wanna talk about effort & hard work I have 25 scripts on this website u have 14 & u didn't even find the values yourself & no I'm not talking to myself I'm talking to you all u see is 0.3 wow a script with one value dosent have effort according to you just because it has one value when in reality I spent hours looking for values & ones all I found you can't see from the real perspective yes im disrespectful wanna know why bc dumbasses like you 

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      also I found discord text color & name color which is worth like 50$

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      Not only that I can @-everyone without being admin

    3. LUCKYDAY999


      the sad thing is I have posted more scripts than you & you've been here longer lmao put in some "effort" pal

  7. Like TopGeo said. Find your own speedhack. Here is a tutorial that can help: How to find your own speedhack value for almost any game (#1i73r7ka)
  8. Re looking on this conversation. Sharing my opinion on this matter again after making and joining quite some discord channels that has something to do with GG. There seems to be 2 type of channels. Channel 1: were people learn through the hand of constructive conversations, instead of giving bread they want to make the bread. Channel 2: were people ask questions as "Can you hack this game please", or do this or that. they simply want you to give them bread. channel 1 seems to be productive but only a few people as far as i know are pretty familiar with GG or are professionals with it. channel 2 is 80% of the people that you will get if you make a discord channel that is accessible for everyone. I believe it is the unavoidable. I mean. one way that i would do it is to make a separation between those 2 channels. I mean a discord channel for GG that exist for constructive conversations... scripts and other forms of modification with GG together with the professionals which could give productive results. Basically more focused on the "How to" then "Can you please". Some people like to teach other people. Teaching one guy may look like you did a small effort but perhaps that one guy that acquired something through your teaching could have the intention to teach more people in a proper way. There are a lot of YT videos of people making tutorials with GG. They have channels with 400+ members all about GG scripting. But they fail to teach there members properly because they them self don't know it to well either. Now if you teach such individuals your basically teaching 400+ people. Perhaps a discord channel for such purpose may be useful. Put time in the people that want to learn properly. I would refuse to believe that pro's would be wasting there time then. BUT i am only forwarding my personal opinion here.
  9. I understand that GG is the reason for the detection but perhaps knowing the source of detection on GG is more valuable then a simple "the game detects GG". Simple putting a GG in a Xposed does not work for all games. I think you know that to If it was Liapp simply using xposed would not do. That's why i ask for screenshot, and steps that already have been taken.To narrow down the behind laying issue of "GG is getting detected" and to make it more efficient for us to fix the issue. It will save you time and the one that needs help.
  10. It would not hurt to get more information on what the error gives. Provide more info. which steps did you already take a screenshot of the error
  11. Preferably not. I see that most of the script already contain such features. I assume that the issue is the same as the one we mentioned here "wrong regions" If the creators found the values them self they will know what to do to fix the issue.
  12. You have to use the script at the start up of the game. If you start it when your already spawned in the map you will have to many values. values that are changing contagiously.
  13. Make video of you activating the script (the one that i uploaded). You could also follow the video and find the value your self (is the purpose of the video) The script was made to kind of make it simple in case you can't find the speed value your self. How to find your own speedhack value for almost any game (#1i73r7ka)
  14. Yeah, it seems that on android 11 most of the data from "Ca" is stored in "Other" resulting in some hacks not to work properly. Well issue is fixed now. Will update script later.
  15. Oke, Delete the script and try this one. I think i got the issue. com.tgc.sky.android.lua
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