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  1. XxhentaixX

    HELP Me SOLVING Special Unique Interesting PROBLEM

    Nah not that strange..it normaly depend on how they stored ir made the damage to a object. Btw MFF = Marvel Future Fight
  2. XxhentaixX

    HELP Me SOLVING Special Unique Interesting PROBLEM

    Yes damage haxk wont work thar way Butnwich game youe talking about...its RPG...
  3. XxhentaixX

    asphalt 8 worth cheating?

    hey guys, I`m maby planning to cheat asphalt 8 , I did not see many GG cheats for asphalt 8 compared with other games, anyone a idea if its worth cheating, to be honest I never cheated race games before, so it oculd be a interesting challenge...since I never cheated a game with gameloft engine before...has to be interesting, logics are a bit different, for examble when I search a fly value I will sink through the ground or something weird like that, + fly hacks in most race games can`t be finded like you can find in shooter games :), the car does not go up or down, instead it is the map or something around that, like war robots :)...there is not realy much movments in the car...its gonne be intresting + I have to make sure the cheats function in Online, I don`t care about Offline =>race games looks dope :D asphalt XxhentaixX is coming :D
  4. XxhentaixX

    Game Guardian is Now always detected

    Yow i have quistion...does it detect at start of game or did it happen afther you changed a value or runned a script?
  5. XxhentaixX

    Rules Of Survival| underground hack last APK

    Vio means you have to pay. I havent showed any VIP yet. I stopee cheating ros because the game is dieng. But maby in future i release all ViP hacks...on the day ros managed to patch all cheats :D...just like UG...i released it on the same day that they were updating there game xD
  6. XxhentaixX

    Rules Of Survival| underground hack last APK

    It works bro..but use the first speedhac in script. The further jump can give ban. And only works when using gun.
  7. XxhentaixX

    I want invite link discord shan ison

    Says the guy that blocked the comment section so that i woudnt be able to reply "stop stealing my UG for latetst APK" Anyway i'm not realy in to cheating death games. RoS has been dieng. So you guys can clean the trash that i left behind. I ruined the game for android platform , mission complete, if you guys still want to meet with me on rules of survival..lol thats a bit late xD the game is death and i have no intresr in meeting with copy theifs and credit thiefs. Goodluck "nobs" and move asses back to PC and let the android cheating to those who don't search On YT or here on the forum to steal codes
  8. XxhentaixX

    Guns Of Boom Hack

    I need to talk with you but i have new discord. Can you send me your discord name again?
  9. XxhentaixX

    Guns Of Booms

    Well done
  10. XxhentaixX

    Guns Of Booms

    Yes but i havent download it but i can see on ya ss that it works i like itt. Alot of respect from me to you because you found this on your own and not random but by using logic in the game. I asume that was unknown search value "1" "2" or "0" , do you want to find some cheats with me? Im wanne ruin that game. They shuted down my discord channel with 600 members. . .:/ There game is full if cheaters no but its not enough im looking for god mode and i also try to make players float I found value to make playera float and adjust damage ob it but i need ti be abke to damage them when i have giant hack...but its a bit of a struggle. The damage is not going on it...im not editing somthing fysic . Btw take a look to my scripts to, maby whe can work together com.gameinsight.gobandroid.lua _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later RiP my grammar..
  11. XxhentaixX

    Guns Of Booms

    ****ig great. Nice to see that im not the only one cheating it !!
  12. XxhentaixX

    Memory Ranges "B" problem

  13. XxhentaixX

    Memory Ranges "B" problem

    Oh i see , could you explain me what "O" includes? Others is kind of a big word and i not realy find somthing in it. Java and the yellow region same thing Most hacks i find are in Ca: Fysic/textures/XYZ/aimbot. . . Cb: WallHacks/wallshoots/Call blocking A: gun/aimo/money/rewards. . . Xa: Speedhackz/ jumphacks/ invisibilty hacks. . All other regions not seem to do that much tough
  14. Hi. I have a issue with GG. I cant seem to edit values in region bad, when i search a value there i get my results but im not able to edit them even if i freeze them, all the other regions work. Is this problem because of my firmware ? Or is it somthing that can be fixed? I kind of need to be able to edit values in region "B" because there i can find the cheats i need like for examble to edit particles or make a chambs....its so easy to do. . Can make better cheats then. But it seems this is common problem.