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  1. XxhentaixX

    [GG]Standoff 2 Hacks

    A copie tard is a thief and thief(rata) steals so yeah its stolen. Steal someone else his work and just copy past it...withohy the permision...if ya had the permission if the creator it woudnt be stolen
  2. XxhentaixX

    Indentity V

    Yes i have to find wallhack that works for everyone, till then i wont put in _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later
  3. XxhentaixX

    Indentity V

    1. Were did i ever state it was for free or vip? 2. Who said i have the wallhack? I sill did not had time to look for wallhack. I just putted the quick stuff in. I will later add the fly hack in it but will all be vip. Just enjoy the free stuff you have...
  4. XxhentaixX

    Indentity V

    View File Indentity V To buy the ViP join the discord(only if you pay): https://discord.gg/5Z5CaNS Prove of hack: features: 'VIP: fog hack', slowmo.. 'FREE: Slowmo hack', 'VIP: Hide All Obejects', 'Color Check(activate one time a match only)', 'FREE: Change Color(only works if you first activated the color check', 'VIP: No grass', Submitter XxhentaixX Submitted 01/10/19 Category LUA scripts  
  5. XxhentaixX

    Indentity V

    Version 1.0.0


    To buy the ViP join the discord(only if you pay): https://discord.gg/5Z5CaNS Prove of hack: features: 'VIP: fog hack', slowmo.. 'FREE: Slowmo hack', 'VIP: Hide All Obejects', 'Color Check(activate one time a match only)', 'FREE: Change Color(only works if you first activated the color check', 'VIP: No grass',
  6. XxhentaixX

    Guns Of Boom Updated LUA Menu

    Don't blame it on me that you are underaged to work or have money. LoL maby if you stopped wining all day about getting it for free and started looking for a work it would may do you some good cry baby joins discord chats even when above the discord link says "dont join if you have no money" what means dont wast my time to ban you if you are not there for the buisines
  7. XxhentaixX

    If "switch" = on then "other switch" = off

    No. I putted in there because of the particle game the script was desiged for...its was not realy nicesairy
  8. XxhentaixX

    Agar io

    No...well...not with ganeguardian...and it seems ios dont even need hacks they are advamtaged against android...thats why android has zoom hack now
  9. XxhentaixX

    If "switch" = on then "other switch" = off

    We use the same rype of switch system. But i use multiChoice and i savd my results derictly in the table so when i activate s hack if wong need to search for like 20seconds jnorder to activate or deactivate...watch this script..its supposed to be for slither.io you will understand it quickly menuk = 1 if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) end local old = gg.getRanges(); gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) gg.searchNumber('-1.5881868e-23F;1.69999992847F;14.0E;2.6875F::29', gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) if gg.getResultCount() == 0 then gg.toast('First play 1 match') gg.sleep(4000) os.exit() else gg.searchNumber(14, gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) m = gg.getResults(1) gg.addListItems(m) gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('1.0E;6.8500028e35F;2.4170348e26F;1.11499989033F::41', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) t = gg.getResults(4) gg.addListItems(t) gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('25,549,618.0F;7.0E;2.4375F;6.8500028e35F::512', gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.searchNumber(7, gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) r = gg.getResults(2) gg.addListItems(r) gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('1.0924349e-19F;-0.00003169477F;1.0E;1.875F;6.8500028e35F;7.213542e35F::21', gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) b = gg.getResults(6) gg.addListItems(b) gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('2.3150184e36F;-0.00003169477F;10E;2.5625F;1.5948906e26F::17', gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) gg.searchNumber(10, gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) a = gg.getResults(1) gg.addListItems(a) gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('9.1866338e35F;-0.00003169477F;-1.0E;-1.875F;1.5948906e26F;7.0059935e35F::21', gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) c = gg.getResults(6) gg.addListItems(c) gg.clearResults() gg.searchNumber('2.7675717e26F;-0.00003169477F;4.0E;2.25F;3.7133939e16F;2.3928563e26F::21', gg.TYPE_DOUBLE) d = gg.getResults(3) gg.addListItems(d) gg.clearResults() end gg.setRanges(old) on = '[ON]' off = '[OFF]' skin = off speed = off grade = off zoom = off rank = off hit = off mass = off function START() local menu = gg.multiChoice({ skin.. 'Brightness color[A.I.]', speed.. 'Speed Hack[A.I.]', grade.. '20 Grade Hook[A.I.]', zoom.. 'Zoom Hack(small)[ONLINE]', rank.. 'Rank Hack[A.I.]', hit.. 'Hit Distance[A.I.]', mass.. 'Mass Increase(will bug)[A.I.]', 'EXIT'}, nil, 'choose hacks') if menu == nil then noselect() else if menu[8] then os.exit() else if menu[1] then if skin == on then skin = off gg.getListItems(t) t[1].value = '1' gg.setValues(t) gg.toast('deactivated skin') else skin = on gg.getListItems(t) t[1].value = '60' gg.setValues(t) gg.toast('activated skin') end end if menu[2] then if speed == on then speed = off gg.getListItems(m) m[1].value = '14' gg.setValues(m) gg.toast('deactivated speed') else speed = on gg.getListItems(m) m[1].value = '20' gg.setValues(m) gg.toast('activated speed') end end if menu[3] then if grade == on then grade = off gg.getListItems(r) for i, v in ipairs(r) do r.value = '7' end gg.setValues(r) gg.toast('deactivated grade') else grade = on gg.getListItems(r) for i, v in ipairs(r) do r.value = '8.5' end gg.setValues(r) gg.toast('activated grade') end end if menu[4] then if zoom == on then zoom = off gg.getListItems(b) b[4].value = '1.875' gg.setValues(b) gg.toast('deactivated Zoom') else zoom = on gg.getListItems(b) b[4].value = '1.82' gg.setValues(b) gg.toast('activated zoom') end end if menu[5] then if rank == on then rank = off gg.getListItems(a) a[1].value = '10' gg.setValues(a) gg.toast('deactivated rank') else rank = on gg.getListItems(a) a[1].value = '50' gg.setValues(a) gg.toast('activated rank') end end if menu[6] then if hit == on then hit = off gg.getListItems(d) d[3].value = '4' gg.setValues(d) gg.toast('deactivated hit') else hit = on gg.getListItems(d) d[3].value = '0' gg.setValues(d) gg.toast('activated hit') end end if menu[7] then if mass == on then mass = off gg.getListItems(c) c[3].value = '-1' gg.setValues(c) gg.toast('deactivated mass') else mass = on gg.getListItems(c) c[3].value = '-0.9' gg.setValues(c) gg.toast('activated mass') end end end end menuk =-1 end function noselect() gg.toast('You not select anything') end START() while (true) do if gg.isVisible(true) then gg.setVisible(false) menuk = 1 end if menuk == 1 then START() end end air.com.hypah.slither.io.lua
  10. XxhentaixX

    Guns Of Boom Updated LUA Menu

    Its ok...im tired of your dumb exuses...there is no point for you anymore to pretend like you found the codes...i spotted you sharing copys and bull****...i tabbed you on the fingers for that..you lost the fight but still try to save your dumb lies since your like exposed..i putted you on the list with all the other copy tards. Have a nice day kiddo
  11. XxhentaixX

    Guns Of Boom Updated LUA Menu

    yours , right? function chamsON() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_C_ALLOC) gg.searchNumber('15;1;4;2;255', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.searchNumber(15, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(20) gg.editAll(4.51546, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.clearResults() gg.toast('Chams Activated') end function chamsOFF() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_C_ALLOC) gg.searchNumber('4.51546;1;4;2;255', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.searchNumber(4.51546, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(100) gg.editAll(15, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.clearResults() gg.toast('Chams Dactivated') end? realy beautifull how you edited it perfectly to the same value I edited it, now is this just coincidence? oh no...you already now the answer...LoL...and I don`t wanne show you the prove because I updated my script and changed group search of it but I cept the edited value the same...here ya go son. function chambsON() local old = gg.getRanges(); gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_C_ALLOC) gg.searchNumber --[aint showing you the value Son] gg.searchNumber(15, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(20) --[amazing, we even have the same results] gg.editAll(4.51546, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.clearResults() gg.toast('chambs activated') --[oh my so much different] gg.setRanges(old) end I don't even wanne show the rest because its same story...stealing :/ enjoy it son...
  12. XxhentaixX

    Guns Of Boom Updated LUA Menu

    and btw, there is no point for me to send this to a addmin because the admins online mind the script in general, if you make a different group search but with the same hack they wont make a drama about it because they have no prove or whatsoever that I found this and you not, I do know I found this and I also know that you did not found this because I already know that you have no clue how I have found it and you have no clue how I found all the other hacks eather...or if you don`t mind like explaining me how you found your so called chambz, and don`t tell me randon (just in case) because you don`t find chamz random, LoL
  13. XxhentaixX

    Guns Of Boom Updated LUA Menu

    Alright there we go _______________________________________________ added 4 minutes later I updated my scripts on and on, i basecly have to find my oldest script since thats were you got those hacks from. The oldest script was never encrypted, noob) btw goinng to the value of my hack and selecting other values then mine to make a group search to make it look new, would work with a fool tough. I told you i recognize my cheat and i know a tard like you cant find it without first usibg someone else his vakues. Investigate it do another group search and then spit around its yours. Its so amazing to see you wriding function grenadeON() knowing that this means you used my script because im letterly the only guy using this tyoe of way of functions on guns of boom and other games i cheated.
  14. XxhentaixX

    Gun.of boom hack

    LoL clown...and another thief , next...gonne ceep commenting on this, LoL