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  1. Sorry enby for not doing in read text. I dont have time to edit everything in text on mobile phone
  2. XxhentaixX


    Here go yo my you tube channel. In the link discription is my discord channel. Join me thete and say your GG name. https://youtu.be/53z2z4i4YZk
  3. XxhentaixX

    (NEW) PUBG MOBILE Script 0.5.0 (FREE)

  4. XxhentaixX

    (NEW) PUBG MOBILE Script 0.5.0 (FREE)

    ofcourse...you don't sell it because your happy you managed to steal it...now you gonne publish it, what means they gonne patch it. what also means others who make or found those cheats wont share it anymore, theorticly your walking in your own mess
  5. XxhentaixX


    don`t share that high aim bro...they made scope hack public...the fools...now it get all patched fast s I oudnt share that high aim unless you want it to get it patched...although I know I'm save, I'm just telling you
  6. XxhentaixX


    my bad zibzil, I did not know it was you, lol
  7. XxhentaixX

    Protect Lua Script

    I ectualy use a app, but its expired so I can`t use it anymore, so I will need to learn my self how to doit. there is nobady who is gonne hold your hand every time. know what I mean? Its important whe learn from or faults and that whe get better by or own knowledge. I think whe can fincd a examble of encrypting lua scripts on GitHub.
  8. XxhentaixX

    setranges not working

  9. XxhentaixX

    setranges not working

    thanks a lot for help, I understand and got it here: local old = gg.getRanges(); gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) gg.searchNumber('1.294621e-38F;0.10000000149F', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) r = gg.getResults(2) r[2].value = '-1.887' gg.setValues(r) gg.setRanges(old) gg.toast('YT = Dragon Star') end
  10. XxhentaixX

    setranges not working

    alright I understand, but I never realy understood why there has to be a "bit32.bxor" is that always niccesairy, I mean like for what do whe use that? when I search in on internet it says its used for bite manipulation, but I don`t realy understand the diffrece between: bit32.bandbit32.borbit32.bxo bit32.bnot does it matter which one I choice, do I even realy need to use the bit32.bxor?
  11. hi, I'm back with a question. I'm working on some script, but it s not function correctly see here: function hushk() gg.setRanges(gg.REGION_CODE_APP) gg.searchNumber('0.0', gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.searchNumber(900, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.getResults(4) gg.editAll(1, gg.TYPE_FLOAT) gg.clearResults() end the problem is that whenever I run another hax of my script, the script only search in region code app and wont search for the other regions that's were already unabled on the GG..(the green regions), now I tried to return the regions code app with using "getRangers(gg.REGION_CODE_APP)" but everything is still the same. I don't knw realy how this happend...it realy has to do with this ranges because whenever I interrupt script and restart it and choose another hack that doesn't have thi specific region code app, the hack wills be found till I chooce a hack that needs another region...I would appreciate the help because I do not find logical solution and I have to finish this scripts, its gotta be guuddd and smuuth. thanks for reply.
  12. XxhentaixX


    they always steal and put on YT or put on this site and say they made it...incrypt your files because realy they ceep stealing like rats...
  13. XxhentaixX

    GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

    it looked like a prank the video, but on the other hand what I saw there, I want it like that in my scripts, lol
  14. XxhentaixX

    GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

    I wish technologie was way more advantaged...I would probably abduct you and take over your brains or some magic stuff like that. _______________________________________________ added 0 minutes later anyway, good to see you make a joke once in a whyle, I wish you and the team best succes in giving us and your self a better cheating experience. ***** all those games only Comzone in my hearth
  15. XxhentaixX

    GameGuardian Magic Edition - GameGuardian

    d***...haters will say this is fake