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  1. Where can i get VIP from you? Anyway i am just a user not a recopied player.. u let me know how to buy the mode thanks.
  2. Hi, your mode cant be use in FPS mode? I try on anti kick after i jump out of plane, when landed the game hanged can walk but cant control anything.. in FPS mode using aimbot haven finish 1 game detacted. Is the script patched? Sorry just trying to give info for hacks not working (:
  3. Hi there, tested the mod foind that fps mode unable to use anetane hack. (:
  4. Hi thanks for the script. Can i check after patch this still able to use? Sorry first time try out before it when in to patch. Trying to figure out how it works and notice aimbot v2 is a 100% ban after 2 or max 3 game. I got about 12 account banned. Anyway put aside, i think is abit unstable. I activate rapid fire + anetena male/female(although activated but cant see enamy only team and myself)
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