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  1. I followed the method above (money cheating) by GG but nothing happened, it might work on GameCIH only. And editing file "user1.dat" and "users.dat" does not work, too. when I opened this file to edit, there are only few letters show up (cannot read). so I guess the game developer might fix them already.
  2. Name of game: Caligo (COM2US) Version: 1.0.3 (Free version) Name of cheat: EXP Hacking/Unlimited stat point/Gold cheating EXP hacking It can be hacked at the very first of the game. 1. when the game start, you can talk npc "Alex" to start the first quest of this game. 2. after finish, talk to npc "Schute" (the armory shop) to get a sword and a jacket. 3. go back to Alex you will receive "30 EXP" 4. switch to GG and search for value "30". 5. after that, talk to him again and go to the upper map. 6. talk to npc "Trainer Hughey", you will receive another "40 EXP". 7. switch to GG again and search for value "70". (30+40 Exp) 8. now you got it!! ...you can change it to 999999999 or whatever you want. (I play with free version and MaxLV is 70) Unlimited stat point When you got plenty of EXP according to the upper guide, now your LV is up dramatically. However, for each LV, you will get 5 point to add to your status. (str, dex, luk ...) 1. if you are at LV70 you will have 345 point for now. 2. search for value "345". 3. after that, use it for 1 point. 4. search for value "344". 5. you got it again... change it as you wish. Gold cheating It's very simple. 1. just search for the value of Gold (Leone) that you have. 2. hunt down some monster to make it change a bit, and search for the changed value again. 3. that's it.
  3. I just tried Titanium Backup and it worked for me (Thanks to d2dyno :'> ). So the problem might be on your device or firmware. (I use Samsung G.Note: 2.3.6 Gingerbread)
  4. I must admit that I've never played this game before, and this is how I figured out the answer. 1. I couldn't see the picture that you posted, because it just appeared "a frog that was frozen in ice cube" picture. 2. The picture told me to register at imageshack.us so that I could see the picture. 3. I went to register as their advice. 4. When I could see your picture, I tried to search for the game that have a word "Ninja" in the title from Google Play. 5. I searched for images from all the game's name that I've got with Google. 6. Gotcha!! I tell this to you so that you can decide I worth it or not.
  5. this character is from "Ninja Rush" so please give me the reward... :playful:
  6. just plain text is enough for me, but it would be great if there are some screen shots in case of too hard to explain in text. However, I don't wanna bother the author that much.
  7. now I play Zenonia 4 v.1.0.3 (Modded) but if I reinstall with this version (1.0.8), then my save data will be crashed? Thanks for any reply..:smile:
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