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  1. zetagrim

    Aspahlt 9

    Anyone got the script from @NoFear?? been so long nothing from him. Kinda hard to brand him as a scammer but at this point after almost 1 month. He kinda took my money and run.
  2. zetagrim

    Aspahlt 9

    @NoFear since I have no updates and no script, can you refund me? Kinda feel cheated. PayPal email is genpcw@hotmail.com
  3. zetagrim

    Aspahlt 9

    NoFear, it's been almost 2 weeks, can't you give us an update?
  4. i believe this is done using the method of cloning app data and placing the player ID as blank and have the server generate a new ID for it. if someone can shareor confirm with me how this is done, we can trade something
  5. well, in that case, just try other VM like Xposed or something.
  6. well, cause i did all sort of experiment, once you try to get the war card to level 8, the systems will try to check your legitimate with the server. once it do that it will trace other stuff and will ban you. i'm still trying to find ways to stop this check. also another check that the system will do is once you reach level 15 war rank, it will also do a check on your war card. even if you stop at war card level7, it will still be able to trace and ban you. so i'm pretty sure your account if you have used any method from this forum, most likely it's ban. Simple check on the club search for Scotland, no club found = ban
  7. he is using parallel space for within bluestack within parallel for MacOSX XD, it will create issue. the best way for him is to root bluestack itself OK, my mistake, his on bluestack for MAC osx. can't really help here. back to you Enyby
  8. zetagrim

    Aspahlt 9

    same here No Fear, emailed and donated to your paypal. Do give us an update or an ETA will be better than didn't response to anything. Kinda make people worried.
  9. okay, you are using bluestacks, however it seems you have not root the bluestack. Follow this video to root the Bluestack for MAC:
  10. If you have more than 1 million population, Search for 6000;480000::512 Dword, you should only have 2 result, change 6000 to 0 and purchase the 480000 simoleans package @ 0 Simcash If you have under 1 million, search for 6000;240000::512 Dword, 2-3 result, change the only 6000 to 0 and do the same as above. BTW this is legit and won't get you banned so long you do go above 15million simoleon
  11. because i'm pretty sure if you follow NoFear method, you will get banned. ?
  12. try searching for Scotland in club search, if you can't find any, you are in naughty island.
  13. if this is the case, you need not worry, as most likely you are playing in the naughty island anyway.
  14. personally i find it easier to just buy it from the Omega Mall with the building code. just buy around 9-20
  15. couldn't figure out, but it's a constant number. 65540 have alot of categories in it, including powerplant items, edu, entertainment, it narrow the search to 80+ building if you include the building code in your search with 65540.
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