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  1. still need helper? i'm going back to MIUI tomorrow and i have some games to "try" hehe device : Xiaomi Mi 5 ROM : Xiaomi.eu 7.11.2 (7.0)
  2. You can backup first with titanium backup
  3. Latest update make it hard to find other value when searching simoleans, only exp found, and I can't find a way to hack the key, cash is still work from achievement, bypass population method also work for platinum key cost where you can't buy it with cash, but because some of the building cost less than 10 platinum key search 10 and increment too many result may cause the game to crash, so the only way to do that is search most expensive platinum key building and get it's base address ( ex: 9307xxxx ) when you find it you can search cheaper building and remove all result except some from 9307xxxx and increment the value after you find it change to zero and it will became free, buy as many as you can and store it because you need to search again when restart the game, hope you find this helpful, thanks for the tutorial NoFear
  4. I remember hacking this game, it was pretty simple, juat find cost of a mission and search it in DWORD, edit it to - and when you purchase you get true credit, I forgot the exact value because it was a few months back
  5. Awesome, this game pain in the a**, hard to cheat but really addicting, thanks for the tutorial it worked.
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