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  1. you can turn it back onto online mode with the flight mode method and you have to be online to buy things with zen thats probably why it isnt working.
  2. is it possible to hack your level with gameguardian?
  3. if anyone didnt know you still have to turn your flight mode on and off but it works perfectly
  4. Your amazing ive been waiting so long for this cheeky *****! :'>
  5. I tried both ill have to wait for the 1.0.2 version to come out :'>
  6. Wrong section pal this is for GFX requests
  7. Where abouts are you guys in zenonia 5? I had a level 50 wizard but i lost him when i updated my phone so i think i might start a new paladin!
  8. Yes i have, the game just stays on the loading screen...
  9. i can get everything to work fine but when i select a character it wont load? i was wondering if you could help
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