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  1. I paid for VIP (more than a year ago) mostly to support the app. Overall, glad to see GG working on Lollipop and Marshmallow. Actually rather good thing too as the VIP content is lacking and if the VIP section had been my primary reason for purchase (as it has been for some) I could see how it would make a person feel a level of disappointment. Heck, VIP content is mostly outdated, or unfulfilled outdated requests. Everything I ever tried to get from there or request has ended up coming from another source (where I might add I am not even a member). Then again that other source does not provide what is essentially the best game hacking tool on the Android platform currently. Honestly, most of the stuff that is currently "VIP" here is stuff that is common other places. Need a proper clean house and a team to make and provide proper VIP content or just scrap the section in my opinion. Please let me be clear I am in no way disappointed in buying VIP. I bought it more to support the site and the application than for access to some forum section. I am just giving my input in how I see the section and voicing my empathic understanding of how some might feel and possibly why.
  2. With great powers of necromancy I say this works (including the tip from frstimr for finding the coins by dividing the amount by 10) on PvZ paid version 6.01. Which is quite nice since they put a bunch of stuff behind coin walls compared to earlier versions (then again last time I played was like 2012). Figured I'd give this game another go before trying PvZ2.
  3. GG not compatible with Lpop from my understanding. One of many reasons why my Shield Tablet is still on KKat.
  4. I didn't really keep track, but I'll keep more of a direct line as I hit them. I found an alternate posting for the tutorial I had been trying to understand about APK modding so it worked out.
  5. The Problem: Both domains/servers do not load. Detailed problem: As a user attempting to view the forum on gameguardian.net and review tutorials, hack instructions, etc, many image references in the threads (both standard access and VIP+) are linked to the domains images.gameguardian.net & ggimage.gameguardian.net. However, it would appear that both of these domains are no longer valid. The image links are dead, thus the tutorials, instructions, hack details, usage details for some apps, etc are broken.
  6. FWIW, those posts show that same error even after VIP+. So I think it is just a general attachment permissions or related generic issue.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  8. Are there some permissions issues with attachements? The reason I ask, I've seen some posts of various areas of the forum with attachments that give the error below: This is in forums like the Off Topic > Funny forum which I would imagine really shouldn't be a protected forum. Some example posts: I doubt (although I could be wrong) that such would be restricted to VIP+ (waiting on that anyway since I purchased to support the software and site).
  9. Site Bug: Voting on Poll updates Last Post Date/Time for Latest Posts Sidebar All times Below are Eastern (GMT -05:00) and the values displayed by the forum assuming they are referenced correctly. Right now under the Latest Posts sidebar I see the following: Latest Posts Forum: Announcements Views 881 replies: 7 Last Reply: homergrower (Today, 02:27 PM) Clicking into that post shows the reply from homergrower was "Posted 21 February 2014 - 08:40 PM". The time displayed would be about the time I replied to the poll (before I had checked and found http://ggimage.gameguardian.net/is down). EDIT: as a bit of a note, the lack of ggimage seems to break some of the tutorials which had those images internally and thread linked. (figured to put this here rather than crete a new post).
  10. zarish


    Well, just figured I would pop in and say Hi since my account is active. I've messed around here and there with GG in the past but after my most recent foray thought it was time to register, join the site, and pay for some VIP since the app has saved my backside. Recently had my poor tablet destroyed without using Cloud Saves on Doctor Who: Legacy. More than a year lost or so I thought. New device, GG, some time crystals to unlock what I used to have, and back in business (I had to use all regions on the search if I recall correctly). Thank you again d2dyno for getting the email issues fixed. Hope to see folks on the VIP side soon once the payment is approved.
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