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  1. http://www.random.org/strings/?num=1&len=16&digits=on&loweralpha=on&unique=on&format=html&rnd=new Use the link above and click the "again!" to generate a random 16 digit string. Copy the string into the BHG file. Then INSTALL the iap cracked zenonia 5 but do not OPEN. Copy the edited BHG file into your sdcard folder or /sdcard. Then only you open the zenonia 5. This one requires internet connection to play but you get to use zen for free (only purchases) On another unrelated note, my dropbox limits has been reached. So new link to all the my files as below. http://www.mediafire.com/?z2ck04ug96vap Enjoy
  2. You dont need root. Any text editor can be used to edit it You can edit it on your phone or in the pc Before you copy to /sdcard. On another note, really needs a random string generator -.-
  3. Sorry I dint explain. You need to edit the BHG file. Inside there is 16 numbers/alphabets Change it to anything random but keep it 16. Then you will be able to connect You must put the edited BHG file into "/sdcard" Into the sdcard folder. Just leave it there.
  4. Dont thank me. Go thank arjiegodz Sure go ahead. I will come by once in a while. Your the pro now XD
  5. Added my dropbox link in the previous post. Can you add the links to the first post since you are TS?
  6. Modded and IAP cracked. Fresh from the oven. http://uploaded.net/file/ypx3kk55 http://dl.dropbox.com/u/62781583/ZENONIA5_iapc.rar All credits to arjiegodz MF link : http://www.mediafire.com/?gs1c9346poxjeun (Thanks to lizhuoran) For the benefit of those that cant access Android Cheats, the compiled guide with every link inside the file. http://dl.dropbox.com/u/62781583/Compiled%20Zenonia%205%20Hacking%20Guide.docx
  7. Thanks for sharing with the people here in GG. At the very least you could have credited me for creating those guide/methods and lists. You can visit the original site here: http://androidcheats.org/forum/index.php/topic/6919-zenonia-5-hacks-compiled-hack-equipment-hack-zen-items-etc-with-new-calculator-tool-v11-zenonia-5-offline-link-here-updated-71212/ Where there are lots more hacking methods available such as modifiying equiments, calculator tool and compiled guide for newbies. Its free to register so why dont you come and visit to support me XD.
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