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  1. Thanks it works like a charm! How did you figure that one out? Do you know how to edit monkey monkey or knowledge points ?
  2. What method did you use? I found the value but it keeps changing back
  3. Thank you! The dev team and anyone working on this project are smart as *****. Seriously, that work takes some serious skills. Since you are working more hands off now, it would be godly if you could create more "in-depth tutorials" for us peasants. I've watched a few of your videos and they get the job done, I just want to know why it works and how, as that's how I learn. Much appreciated either way and long live GG
  4. Can you make a video showing an example of its usage for us newbies thank you
  5. How do you know whether to search for dword, double, or float?
  6. Wow this is genius! Will this method work in a lot of other games? Where did you learn all this skill from you SO talented holy shit
  7. Thank you your lessons, I've been watching your videos trying to understand and learn, I thank you. On this video I am considers confused, how do you know it is 5E6?
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