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  1. i need a help to make Expedition Hack work becouse i use only my heroes and i always lose the battle they kill avery enemy char and vbiulding and in the last biulding the lose screen are showed
  2. tank you i tried to do that but it dont work on any game that i ghave rss tanks
  3. rss o got banner to but can you make a injection or another hack for slingshot ?
  4. could you make a injection tool for slingshot braves ?
  5. i tryed to use LP can you help me i didint get use on any game my skype is jasaroc
  6. huahua i was banned i only make three sumons for bulbs
  7. no i mean in download file my avast tooked malware on that but i instaled on a VM and it worked very nice tank you do you have any hack for COST im party ?
  8. Hello my name is Jasar im from brasil, im new here in vip section ad like to ask little help, I´d like to hack clastle clash i saw this post but i could not make the hack work. Please some one can add me on skype ( jasaroc ) or help me here please? i swear not botter a lot rsss i only need a help to start them i will walk whit my legs Tank you very mutch
  9. Hello , my name is Jasar im form Brazil. I dont have a creditc card but id like ti buy lifetime VIP for game guardian Id will be very very good if this forum can acept another payment types like PagSeguro or payment wall where i can pay whit my bank account. Tank you.
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