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  1. nhata


    How to changed memory range symbol from # to $? In example from 8.64 # Jh,Ch,Ca,Cd,Cb,A,B, 0 To 8.64 $ Jh,Ch,Ca,Cd,Cb,A,B, 0
  2. same device but different chipset.. Like I thought wallhack only working on snapdragon phone anyway bisa minta kontak w.a/line nya kaga gan? hehe
  3. @dodiriyadi hello buddy on my phone xiaomi redmi note 4 mediatek android 6, aimbot and white character working fine but anything except that two feature didn't work.. including wallhack what phone and android version did you use?
  4. I thought the same like you.. maybe because systemless root from magisk. My brother phone root via twrp zip working perfectly for wallhack
  5. Thank you for your response sir... So every time I'm playing must be activated anti detection first? Or just one time forever?
  6. Yeah just post your own script already
  7. Just working perfectly on the first time.. But after that game guardian and pubg crashing.. did u have any solution @Yuukijs
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