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  1. How were you able to hack the game? I tried GG and Lucky Patcher unsuccessfully. I have an unrooted phone.
  2. Just a question about this forums user preference on NON-ROOTED mod aps. I already use lucky patcher but it doesn't work on all games. Looking at Aptoid and others, what do you guys think???
  3. Star wars force collection Version 2.2.7 https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.konami.swfc unlimited crystals / t - remotes mod Thanks
  4. Still waiting for a response for a mod version!! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=jp.konami.swfc looking for a unlimited crystals / t - remotes mod Thanks!
  5. Would also like a mod or way to use with lucky patcher. Thanks.
  6. Oh ok, is there a modded version of titanium? When I download from play store it tells me won't work because I'm not rooted. I don't want to root my phone because I just bought it 1 week ago.
  7. So lucky patcher does or does not work for unrooted devices?
  8. Tried dyno. The message box is full and not accepting new messages.
  9. cooperb-- tried to purchase membership/vip. All I get is a grey screen on the finish screen. Is there a problem or can I only purchase thru paypal? I don't have a paypal account.
  10. Why push for VIP content if you're not going to update the payment plan
  11. Someone else also recommended xda. I also found z4root. What's your take on that?
  12. I'm not going to pay or "donate" any money. Free or not at all.
  13. I'm looking to root my galaxy s4 without using a computer or laptop. Searched the threads but couldn't find a clear cut definitive tutorial. After root is achieved is it better to use titanium, superSU, or freedom?
  14. Will this also work for galaxy s4 kit kat?
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