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  1. Hi mate, i hope it was nothing bad for the hospital ?! Any future update for your topic ? Have a good day
  2. Well, after some tries the resolution 480x800 / 120 dpi don't lag as like yours personal settings. BTW thank you for your help
  3. Yes i think i'm update with my Intel device. Where is the option developers please ? Thank you in advance for helping me
  4. Yes i just open it and turn good but when i play to CC it's very laggy...i'm trying to play with some settings to see if i can fix that ! My CPU : Intel Core i5 (i5-3570K)
  5. Hi Jenneh ! Thank you very much for this update, i must admit this version 2.0 is faster and better !!! The only things is that i changed the version of Game Hacker (2.6.3). Here is the last version of GenyMotion : genymotion-2.2.1_update.exe Have a good day mate !
  6. Hi mate, i would like to thank you because now i'm using Genymotion and no more Bluestacks ! And mixed with the HiroMarco tools i must admit it works like a charm Have a good day and thank you for all yours contributions !!!
  7. Hi Jenneh, Thank you for all ! Can you help me to install AutoBot Maker in Bluestacks please ? I have this error : --------------------------- Apk Installation failed : INSTALL_FAILED_OLDER_SDK --------------------------- Edit: Well i have tried to modify AndroidManifest.xml by adding this line "<uses-sdk android:minSdkVersion="15" android:targetSdkVersion="15"/>" and now the apk is installed but when i click into the icon the bot don't run... any ideas ? Thank you in advance.
  8. Hi all, someone can help me with this troubles please ? Thank you in advance
  9. Hi sqrestreno, thank you a lot for yours contributions ! I will wait your PM, thank you in advance Have a good day, regards.
  10. For my part i prefer the choice N°1 because yours tricks will be safe more longer time Thank you in advance !
  11. Well, i have tested your advises and i confirm to you that works good now ! Best regards, Oijkn.
  12. Ok so try to use the version 2.6.3 and tell me if that works better. If you don't have it you can try to download it from this link : SB Game Hacker V.2.6.3 Regards, Oijkn.
  13. Thank you very much for sharing with us your tricks ! i appreciate it very much ! Perhaps you can help me with one things : In my first device (i9100G Samsung) i can use your ticks without any problems, all works very well. But when i used the same tricks on my other device (i9195 Samsung), all values that i mod are changed (visual) and i checked them when i go to hero base and look at hero might but the issue is when i fight in dungeon mode my heroes attack like a "kid" they don't rocks like my other device... And other things is the offset values are not the same between my two devices, for example my Paladin is in the 5 offset my first device and 148 in my other device...so strange ^^ Any ideas ? By the way thank you a lot and keep your mind mate What is your ROM and what root do you use ? And what is your version of SB GameHacker ?
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