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  1. Yes. Will it work or dbd has any certain protection.
  2. I used full apk file its not splited. One is from apkcombo and other one is from apkmirror
  3. Sir i tried downloading installing the game from apkcombo and still the issue of not showing actual lib names persist. And also tried by downloading from apk mirror. It only shows base.apk instead lib names Btw game name is Dead By Daylight. And i am trying in android 12.1 version. Device is rooted. Please help how to fix.
  4. The game called Dead by Daylight sir and yes it has lib. Lib name libue4.so and i downloaded the game from play store maybe thats the issue.
  5. Sir when i open the and try to select the lib in goto-> Xa -> it doesn't show lib names it shows base.apk to all Xa Addresses. Please help how to fix it.
  6. Slayer_rockzzz

    gg has error

    Hii @Enyby sir gg has this error please fix it. x = math.ceil((15/2)+1) Print (x) Output: 8.0 It should be 9.0
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