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  1. I use F1 VM and com2us does not detect!
  2. Oh, man! I already have a database and connect to my script using php! My problem is that there is no method for receiving device IDs! And maybe it's a problem for you and me I created the Ankulua script, and there they have a method for receiving device ID: getDeviceID() I wish GG had it
  3. Time = os.date("%H:%M:%S %D") print(Time) Or Time = os.date("*t") print(Time) Or Time = os.date("%c") print(Time)
  4. I create a database, when a user registers with my script on their device, the script creates a file containing the information and it is also sent to the database and saved to the database database. when the user logs in, the information in the previously saved file will be sent to the database and compared by php sorry my english is very bad!
  5. I know what you mean! but i have no knowledge about java/smali. Where can I see instructions?
  6. Yes I understand what you mean, I tried reading files build.pro but some do not allow, if there is a method of reading Android ID is good
  7. @HEROGAMEOfficial My script is encrypted with SELGG, and it's decrypted and shared for free by others! That's not good for me
  8. P=gg.prompt({"A"},nil,{"text"}} if string.lenP[1] > 10 then gg.alert("max char") elseif not string.find("@") then gg.alert("not @") end
  9. I'm not interested in creating an encryption tool, it's just that my script creates a key on the user's device! Do you know what I mean
  10. hoangninyb

    help pls

    What do you mean by modifying 9185137 to 11 and 11111 to 1941? Or is it the first and second amendments to the search results list?
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